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Natural Puppy Maxi Chicken
MAXI (> 30 kg)

Natural Puppy Maxi Chicken

Natural Trainer Puppy & Junior contains a unique combination of fresh chicken as the main ingredient and the added benefits of yeast extract and flaxseed as functional ingredients. A complete food for the first months of your maxi dog's life.

Available sizes

3 kg|12 kg

Main ingredient Chicken


Maxi Flax Seed

Flax Seed

Joint Care
Puppy Yeast extracts

Yeast extracts

Inmunity support
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. Benefits

  • Immunity Support - Baby Care Program

    It favours the balanced and protected growth of your puppy in the first period of growth thanks to a high nutrient concentration and a blend of specific ingredients (nucleotides, yeast autolysate and Omega 3).

  • Joint Care

    It aids the maintenance of proper joint functioning thanks to flax seed and bioactive collagen peptides.

  • With Italian Fresh Meat

    It aids the balanced growth of your puppy, providing palatability and high digestibility due to the nutritional value of the 100% Italian fresh chicken and turkey meat, boneless and not frozen.

  • Pro-Intestinal Action

    It helps to improve bowel functionality and stool quality thanks to the Mannan-oligosaccharides and clinoptilolite.

  • Intestinal functionality

    It favours the nourishment and the proper development of intestinal microbiota thanks to a specific prebiotic blend (FOS, MOS and Chicory extract).

. Composition

Dehydrated chicken and turkey proteins, fresh chicken and turkey meat 15% (chicken 13,5%), corn, rice, corn meal "fioretto", corn gluten, animal fats, animal protein hydrolysate, flax seeds 2,5%, beet pulps, yeast autolysate 0,9%, minerals, lignocellulose, dehydrated fish proteins, MOS (mannan-oligosaccharides) 0,3%, dried chicory extract 0,3%, pea fibre, FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) 0,15%, bioactive collagen peptides 0,06%, yeast extract (nucleotides) 0,03%, dried citrus fruits extract (bioflavonoids) 0,006%, dried apple extract 0,003%.

. Additives

Nutritional additives:: vitamin A 26.000 UI; vitamin D3 1.350 UI; vitamin E 355 mg; choline chloride 1.200 mg; copper sulphate pentahydrate 50 mg (copper 12,5 mg); ferrous carbonate 395 mg (iron 150 mg); calcium iodate anhydrous 25 mg (iodine 2,5 mg); sodium selenite 20 mg (selenium 0,2 mg); zinc oxide 265 mg (zinc 195 mg); manganous oxide 55 mg (manganese 35 mg); Technological additives:: clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin 4.000 mg.

. Analytical constituents



Crude protein


Crude oils and fats


Crude fibres


Crude ash






Omega 3 fatty acids


Omega 6 fatty acids 6