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Solution Adult Ideal Weight Salmon Chunks in Gravy

Solution Adult Ideal Weight Salmon Chunks in Gravy

Solution Trainer Adult Ideal Weight is the tastiest combination of chunks in gravy that contains salmon, mangosteen and fig. A balanced food to maintain your cat’s ideal weight.

Available sizes

80 g

  • Salmon

    (Main ingredient)

  • Fiber blend

    Fiber blend

  • Mangostana


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. Benefits

  • Complete pet food for adult cats from 1 year of age, with a tendency to become overweight. Delicious wet food for a balanced and savoury nutrition.


  • Salmon

    Salmon, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, improves the health of your cat {2,5%}.

  • Low-fat combination, helps maintaining a healthy weight. The fibre and water content contribute to an increased sense of satiety and hydration.


. Composition

Poultry, pork (fresh 4%), fish (salmon 4%), wheat gluten, pea fibre 1%, plasma powder, cellulose powder 0.5%, minerals, modified maize starch, potato starch, dextrose, chondroitin sulphate 0.01%, dried mangosteen extract 0.01%, glucosamine sulphate 0.006%.

. Additives

Nutritional additives: vitamin D3 155 UI; vitamin E 30 mg; taurine 220 mg; copper sulphate pentahydrate 2,4 mg (copper 0,59 mg); potassium iodide 0,23 mg (iodine 0,15 mg); zinc sulphate monohydrate 42 mg (zinc 15,5 mg); manganese sulphate monohydrate 5,7 mg (manganese 1,8 mg); Technological Additives: cassia gum 563 mg. With colourants.

. Analytical constituents



crude protein


unrefined oils and fats


crude fibre


crude ash