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Natural Cat Sterilised Adult with White Meats and Pea Fibre

Natural Cat Sterilised Adult with White Meats and Pea Fibre

Complete and balanced pet food for sterilised adult cats, from 1 year of age.

Available sizes

300 g|1,5 kg|3 kg|10 kg

  • White Fresh Meat

    White Fresh Meat
    (Main ingredient)

  • Cranberry extract

    Cranberry extract

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. Benefits

  • Helps to reduce the effects of sterilisation on weight

    Its adapted formula that includes vegetal fibres, such as pea fibre, and a moderate level of fat helps to reduce the energy content of the food.

  • Oral defence

    Dry apple extract and a special form of vitamin C help to prevent tartar formation and control bad breath.

  • Healthy skin and shiny coat

    Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, biotin and zinc for the well-being of the skin and the beauty of the coat.

  • Helps intestinal functionality

    Prebiotics from natural origin, coming from chicory root extract and beet pulp, help the nourishment and proper balance of intestinal microbiota.

  • Helps to take care of urinary tract

    * The cranberry and the chicory root extracts from natural origin, and the controlled mineral levels help to maintain the functionality of the urinary tract over time.

. Composition

Fresh white meats (chicken and turkey) 15%, dehydrated chicken and turkey proteins, rice, maize protein, maize, dehydrated pork proteins, dehydrated beef proteins, beet pulp* 2.9%, pea fibre* 2.8%, animal fat, hydrolysed animal proteins, linseed*, minerals, dried chicory root extract (source of inulin)* 0.7%, brewer's yeast, seaweed (Schizochytrium spp.)*, dried cranberry extract* 0.02%, AppleZin™ dried apple extract* 0.0025%, *Specific natural origin ingredients

. Additives

Nutritional additives: vitamin A 27500 IU; vitamin D3 1600 IU; vitamin E 510 mg; vitamin C 100 mg; biotin 0.15 mg; taurine 2000 mg; copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate (copper 5 mg) 19.65 mg; iron(II) carbonate (iron 80 mg) 165.6 mg; coated granulated calcium iodate anhydrous (iodine 0.4 mg) 0.62 mg; sodium selenite (selenium 0.1 mg) 0.22 mg; zinc oxide (zinc 75 mg) 93 mg; manganese(II) oxide (manganese 7.5 mg) 9.68 mg; Zootechnical Additives: ammonium chloride 4 g

. Analytical constituents

Crude protein


crude fat


crude fibre


crude ash


Omega 3


Omega 6


Metabolizable Energy

3,790 kcal/kg