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Natural Adult Sterilised Turkey Chunks in Gravy

Natural Adult Sterilised Turkey Chunks in Gravy

Natural Trainer Adult Sterilised, which contains bacon and functional ingredients such as cranberry, is a tasty chunks in gravy alternative to meet all the needs of your sterilised cat.

Available sizes

85 g

  • Turkey

    (Main ingredient)

  • Cranberry extract

    Cranberry extract

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. Benefits

  • Helps to maintain the target weight of the cat, thanks to the controlled calorie contribution and to the noble proteins provided by turkey, a light white meat which is easy to digest.


  • Highly palatable, offering delicious morsels in gravy to satisfy every palate.


  • Helps preserve the health and the functionality of the urinary tract over time, by means of the beneficial substances contained in the cranberry dried extract.


. Composition

Poultry meats (turkey 4%), fish, pork (fresh 4%), powdered plasma, pea fibre 1,9%, minerals, potato starch, dextrose, dried cranberry extract 0,001%.

. Additives

Nutritional additives: vitamin D3 408 UI; vitamin E 40 mg; vitamin C 102 mg; taurine 294 mg; Technological additives: cassia gum 177 mg

. Analytical constituents



crude protein


crude oils and fats


crude fibres


crude ash