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Natural Adult Sterilised Salmon

Natural Adult Sterilised Salmon

Natural Trainer Adult Sterilised, which contains salmon and functional ingredients such as cranberry, yeast and wild mint, meets all the needs of your sterilised cat.

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  • Salmon

    (Main ingredient)

  • Cranberry extract

    Cranberry extract

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. Benefits

  • The fresh chicken and turkey meat permits us to offer a pet food which is highly palatable, with an optimal protein profile, ideal for a true carnivore.


  • The modern formulation now makes it possible to support the cat’s ancestral instinct to change the flavour of his food, by alternating the different “ Adult Sterilised” references with complete freedom and in total safety, without any gradual passage (Trainer® Safe Transition).


  • The Propolis, Peppermint and apple (AppleZinTM) dried extracts, help maintain the correct oral hygiene.


  • The Cranberry extract and the controlled Phosphorous and Magnesium intake, help maintain the functionality of the urinary passages over time.


  • This recipe has been enriched with zinc, biotin and algae schizochytrium for the well-being of the skin and the beauty of the coat.


. Composition

Fresh chicken and turkey meat 15%, rice, maize gluten, maize, dehydrated salmon meal 10%, dehydrated chicken and turkey meat, lard, dehydrated 100% italian dry-cured ham meat, hydrolyzed chicken protein, pea fibre 3%, beet pulps, dehydrated pork meat, flax seeds, dehydrated beef meat, brewer's yeast 0,6%, minerals, FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) 0,2%, dried chicory extract 0,1%, seaweed (Schizochytrium spp.) 0,1%, peppermint dried extract 0,03%, dried cranberry extract 0,02%, propolis 0,01%, AppleZin™ dried apple extract 0,0025%.

. Additives

Nutritional additives:>/b> vitamin A 27.500 UI; vitamin D3 1.600 UI; vitamin E 510 mg; vitamin C 100 mg; taurine 2.000 mg; choline chloride 2.000 mg; DL-methionine 1.500 mg; L- lysine 1.000 mg; biotin 0,15 mg; copper sulphate pentahydrate 20 mg (copper 5 mg); ferrous carbonate 210 mg (iron 80 mg); calcium iodate anhydrous 4 mg (iodine 0,4 mg); sodium selenite 10 mg (selenium 0,1 mg); zinc oxide 100 mg (zinc 75 mg); manganous oxide 12 mg (manganese 7,5 mg)

. Analytical constituents



crude protein


crude oils and fats


crude fibres


crude ash








Omega 3 fatty acids


Omega 6 fatty acids