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  In my Setter- kennel I've noticed that many dogs, especially the most restless, have loose stool particularly abundant. Are there any solutions to limit this situation?  
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  The quantity and the aspect of stool depend on many factors, some of that strictly related to the feed and other not connected to this. For example in a constantly restless dog, maybe accostumed to go out and forced to stay in a small space, the accelerated intestinal motility doesn't allow the using up of water and nutrients. This fact produces a bigger quantity of undigested food, with a new acceleration of transit and the production of abundant and loose stool, as well as an unsuitable feed or a too big ration. Checking if the ration and the feed are correct and take the dog to a quiet place, granting it a little walk as soon as possible are some useful devices to be employed. Another help could be to nourish the dog with a feed containing prebiotics - insoluble fibres that are metabolized by the useful intestinal microflora of which they favorize the development - like the products of Trainer® Top Breeder Special and Power family.  
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  • Buonasera,
    attualmente utilizzo un'altra marca di prodotti ma non mi trovo bene con l'alimento che sto dando ora ai miei Pitbull, perchè è troppo ricco di proteine e di grassi (19%) e i miei cani aumentano di peso pur dando loro quantità minori. Volevo sapere da voi se avete un prodotto che arrivi a un 10% di grassi, che possa andare bene come mantenimento per i miei cani.
  • Buongiorno, ho un allevamento di pastori tedeschi e cocker,vorrei cambiare l'alimentazione dei mie cani con il vostro prodotto TOP BREEDER,vi chiedo cortesente quale prodotto mi consigliate, tenendo presente che i cani vanno in esposizioni sia nazionali che internazionali, perciò come ben sapete vanno curati sia nelle articolazioni che nel pelo.
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  • Last week the veterinarian who follows my kennel, suggesting me one of your formulas for some of my dogs with intestinal sensitivity, talked me about “nutritional transition”? What is it?
  • In my Setter- kennel I've noticed that many dogs, especially the most restless, have loose stool particularly abundant. Are there any solutions to limit this situation?
  • Good morning, I own a Maremma sheepdog -kennel and I'm always very careful about their joints' health because of their big size. I would like to change their feeding and start using your Trainer® Top Breeder product line but first of all I would like to know what kind of dietary supplements could be added to your aliments.
  • Good morning,
    I'd like to know which Trainer® Top Breeder formula is the best to nourish my females of Golden Retriever of about 27 Kg, with a high genealogy. They have one litter every year, they always live in sheltered boxes and they come out 2 hours per day.
  • To one of my dog, a Great Dane of 16 months, has been discovered an alimentary intolerance caused by malassimilation. After checking many products, with no result, the veterinarian recommended me to feed my dog with Trainer® Top Breeder Power Adult Rabbit. May I feed it with an adult formula or is there the risk to compromise its growth?
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