Who We Are      

There is a place, in Veneto, where history, art and culture unite with traditional craftsmanship and new industrialization... ...A place, immersed in the green countryside, gentle valleys and pleasant pre-alpine plateaus, where a love for animals coupled with four decades of the Fancon Brothers’ experience gave rise to Nova Foods in 1992 – a company which deals exclusively in the production of pet food lines for dogs and cats.

Every day we process fresh, white meats, rice, maize, dehydrated meats, fish meal and functional ingredients to help you take care of your friends in the simplest and most natural way. As in your case, our work is also our passion: every food line, every family of foods, every food speciality is thoroughly and appropriately researched and produced to respond to the specific needs of dogs and cats in every phase of their lives.

We source the very best ingredients for them, remaining faithful to the principles of functional nutrition and the Wellness Zone, and work in a high – technology production facility based on steam cooking, by which we are able to guarantee optimum digestibility as well as maintaining the high quality value of the foods, allowing you to best nourish your friends.


International Certifications of Quality

The quality certification ISO 9001 : 2000 gained in April 2005, and the two successive certifications (BRC Global Standard Food and the UNI EN ISO 22000:2005) obtained in December 2006, attest to the ability of Nova Foods to assure our clients of the qualitative attributes of the products which we claim they have, as well as attesting to the maintenance of elevated level of wholesomeness and hygiene during the entire production process.

Every year inspections are made by the authorities in charge, and only after passing more than 400 tests (from the supply of the raw materials, to the production , to retail activity amongst our resellers ) are the certifications renewed.

This achievement, which is in itself no easy task in the food industry, is without doubt a major achievement in the Pet Food sector: in fact, Nova Foods is not only the leader in Italy, it is also the only Italian company, producing pet food for dogs and cats, to have obtained the BRC Global Standard Food certification.


Sharing to grow together

From your specific needs and from increasingly sophisticated specializations achieved, the brand TRAINER® TOP BREEDER was created in 2006 – a line of products dedicated exclusively to professional breeders, in which Italian quality and pricing meet favourably in the real world of dog and cat lovers.

From this point of departure we have formed the TRAINER® TOP BREEDER TEAM: an information exchange/sharing project concerned to help us grow together: because your complete satisfaction and the well-being of your animals are the centre of our focus. Always.

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