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New:Cooked “in Fish Broth” recipe
4 of our newest, most refined recipes cooked in fish broth and realised with the best fish to amaze any cat with the all flavours of the sea.

Tuna Flakes with Trout in Fish Broth

The unique tastes of tuna and trout make thus recipe absolutely exclusive to gratify your feline’s refined palate.

COMPOSIZIONE: tuna 60%, fish broth 33%, trout 5%, rice, seaweeds (Porphyra haitanensis) 0,02%.
ADDITIVES per kg - Nutritional additives: taurine 200 mg.
ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: moisture 80%, crude protein 18%, crude oils and fats 0,8%, crude fibres 0,2%, crude ash 2%.

Tuna Flakes with Trout
cooking in Water Protein source typology: Fish Contains a variety of cereals

Type of Cooking: in Fish Broth


Protein source typology: Fish


Contains a variety of cereals

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