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6 delicate new recipes prepared in soft gravy, leaving your feline feeling fully satisfied.

Chunks with Shirasu in Gravy

This light, fresh formulation, born of a combination of select tuna and little white fish, represents an optimal source of proteins and Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, for the well-being of every little domestic panther.

COMPOSITION: tuna, shirasu (Encrasicholina spp.) 9,6%, modified tapioca starch, chicken, mackerel, flavour (sugar, eggs powder), wheat gluten, eggs powder, pea protein, sodium tripolyphosphate, seaweeds (Porphyra haitanensis) 0,02%, caramel.
ADDITIVES per kg - Nutritional additives: taurine 200 mg. With colourants, preservatives.
ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: moisture 82%, crude protein 13%, crude oils and fats 1,2%, crude fibres 0,2%, crude ash 1,5%.

Chunks with Shirasu
cooking in Gravy Protein source typology: Fish Protein source typology: Chicken

Type of Cooking: in Gravy


Protein source typology: Fish


Protein source typology: Chicken

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