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"In Cooking Water" recipes in brine
13 "in Water" formulations, cooked in water to maintain all the nutritional qualities of the ingredients unaltered and make them 100% genuine and natural.

Ocean Fish with Grilled Chicken in Water

An imaginative formula obtained by means of skilfully combining two superior ingredients (sardines and grilled chicken), both light and noble sources of protein, as well as which provide essential unsaturated fatty acids, ideal for the well-being of the animal.

COMPOSITION: sardines 85%, grilled chicken 5,5%, seaweeds (Porphyra haitanensis) 0,02%.
ADDITIVES per kg - Nutritional additives: taurine 160 mg.
ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: moisture 77%, crude protein 19%, crude oils and fats 2%, crude fibres 0,1%, crude ash 2%.

Ocean Fish with Grilled Chicken
cooking in Water Protein source typology: Fish Protein source typology: Chicken

Type of Cooking: in Water


Protein source typology: Fish


Protein source typology: Chicken

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